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Our full service company can help you with brightening up a single room or your entire homes. Call us today to set up a free consultation to beautify your home or business. Our clients are satisfied because we do a beautiful job every time…and we certainly will for you.

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If you are in need of a reliable carpet cleaning company, you have come to the right place. Brown's Carpet Cleaning offers a wide variety of effective services, which will protect your possessions from getting dirty long after we are done. Our company has plenty of experience in dealing with all kinds of problems, and we have the skills and equipment necessary to get rid of anything you want us to. We are residential and commercial cleaners, with supreme capabilities to ensure an impeccable quality of service.

We pride ourselves on being dedicated to the beauty of the work that we do for you, and that’s why so many of our customers refer us to their friends and colleagues, and come back to us for every carpet cleaning and maintenance job they have.

We are highly professional and have a set up, work and clean-up process that insures that there is no mess, – everything will look just like it did when we started, except that you will have a beautiful, fresh new carpet! Call us today and we’ll show you why our clients are so satisfied with the work that we do.

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uses only the latest advancements in products and technology, which provide outstanding results in a timely manner. Our expert carpet cleaners are quite skilled and well-trained, always prepared and equipped for any situation, regardless of size and complexity. We are renowned for our thorough cleaning and excellent customer care service, which is always helpful and friendly. If you are looking for efficient upholstery cleaning, do not hesitate to call us right away.

Carpet cleaning can sometimes be difficult to handle, if you do not have the proper equipment, products and fabric knowledge. We often see damaged upholstery and ruined carpets, because of inappropriate usage of products. Our thorough upholstery cleaning service will save you that risk, and you can save yourself money on purchasing a new carpet, by contacting us. Our experts will make your possessions look like brand new and their appearance will remain long after we are done. As professional residential and commercial cleaners, we continuously research new ways of improving our quality, so that we can surprise our regular clients with even better results.

General Carpet Cleaning: A carpet cleaning starts with a pre-inspection to determine how extensive of a cleaning is required to get your carpet looking new again. The carpet is sprayed with a pre-treatment to loosen embedded dirt and prepare the carpet for cleaning. This is followed by a high-powered hot water steam extraction cleaning to remove dirt and leave your carpet clean as it can be.

Deep Carpet Cleaning with Rotovac: For carpets that require a deeper cleaning. We offer carpet cleaning with a Rotovac machine. The Rotovac has rotary vacuum heads that turn in multiple directions at once giving the carpet is deeper cleaning.

After Your Carpet Cleaning: We will supply with protective booties to wear while your carpet is drying. Also if possible leave windows and doors open and turn your heater on.

Caring For Your Carpet: It is important to have your carpet professional cleaned every 6 to 12 months, depending on the flow of traffic, whether or not you have pets and children in the home, the time will vary. We sell the products you need to care for your carpet in between cleanings.


Scotch Guard: Having a scotch guard placed on your carpet or upholstery after a professional cleaning will help to prevent future stains, dirt, and grime from penetrating the fabric. A scotch guard is chemically safe and extremely effect when applied correctly.

Pet Order Treatment: We all love our pets but they can make messes. We have products that can completely remove the odors and stains left behind by our pets.

Stain / Spot Removal: Spills, pets, kids, grime and dirt tracked on shoes can cause ugly eyesores on your carpet that can be hard to remove with household products. We have industrial strength, chemically safe products to remove those stains to get your carpet looking beautiful again.

Deodorizer: Fabrics, especially carpets, hold odors that can be become a nuisance and embarrasing when friends and family come to visit. We can rid your carpet of those smells.

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